Thursday, 24 November 2011

Minutes of meeting 4


3.00-3.10 : Teams arrival

3.10 : Team leader debrief the team with some changes made for the project course throughout the semester. 

Changes include:

  • Tutors will no longer be around to observe during any of teams meeting.
  • First presentation will be held on 2nd of November
  • Project progress must be uploaded into a blog for proof of progress.

3.30 : Discussion on having a field trip to a palm oil plantation area near Petaling Jaya.

  • Secretary suggest the plantation near Cheras  as she claim it is own by the government entity which should be easier to get permission.
  • Assistant leader suggest a smaller plantation area own by individual entity as he is convincing the team that the product has a better market value if it is targeted on individual palm oil harvester.
  • Design chief however claim he knows somebody who own a palm oil estate. If persuaded may be he will consider giving trip on the estate.
  • Team leader dictate, the topic should be further investigate and final decision is to be made during the next meeting. Moving on.

3.45 : Team leader review his opinion on each assignment tasked upon each team member last week:

  • For the benchmarking, he suggest that more picture to represent the benchmark should be included as this will provide a better view for the rest of the team to build up their imagination in designing the product for the project. Else wise is a job well done.
  • For the initial ideas, he proposes that drawing without description is nothing more than just a comic art. He is quite furious about it and demands the person in charge to make up for his mistake.
  • As for the project description, he realizes that it was too short and demand it to be further elaborate.
  • As for the rest, he claim it was fine and if time permit, it will be further discussed in future.

4.15 : Since the initial idea was a big issue during the meeting, the team leader decide that this week’s meeting should focus on that topic. Bellows are the review:

  • Hand held devise will be cheap and should be popular among individual palm oil farmer, but it will also be redundant to carry the machinery around as the weight increases as the loose fruit pile up.
  • A drag around machinery should be the solution, however it will become very unreliable as the ground get softer or the ground is not flat.
  • The solution was to focus on bigger palm oil plantation firm or individual entity which accommodates the use of heavy tractor. Instead of building a loose fruit collector machine, the team decide to build a tractor attachment device for collecting the palm oil fruit and the loose fruit. Thus in one swoop the device should increase the fruit collecting efficiency to 100%.

5.00 : The team leader gave out tasks for the team member for further development. Closing speech and some reminder.

5.05 : Meeting adjourned.

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